The Process Of Filing An Insurance Claim For A Damaged Roof

One of the items that are most likely to be damaged during a massive storm is a roof. From high winds to falling limbs and trees, many variables can cause shingles to loosen and leaks to form. Most homeowner insurance policies provide protection against items of this nature, but the process of submitting a claim for repair can be drawn out and frustrating, at best. The best thing a homeowner can do is empower themselves with knowledge of the claim process, so they know what to expect and can hold their insurance company accountable.

Claim Submission

The first step is to submit the claim. Most insurance companies now allow customers to submit claim paperwork via an online portal, which can help expedite the process. They will request information such as the date and extent of the damage. They may also ask the homeowner to submit pictures of the damage. It is important to answer any questions as thoroughly as possible so the insurance company does not have to conduct a follow-up phone call before they can begin processing the claim.

Damage Survey

Once the claim is submitted, the insurance company will send an adjuster out to survey the damage. The adjuster provides the insurance company with additional pictures and details of the damage and determines the amount of work that needs to be completed to restore the home to its original condition. An adjuster will typically respond to the claim within 48 business hours from the submission date.

Repair Work

After the adjuster completes their analysis, they will then locate a roofing contractor to complete the repair. The homeowner will be responsible for paying their deductible to the roofing company when the repair is completed, but the policy will cover any other expense associated with the project. Avoid a roofer that doesn’t work with insurance companies, as it could lead to out of pocket expenses and leave a homeowner at the mercy of the insurance company’s payment schedule.

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