How to Make Solar Panels – Tips For You to Build Solar Panels

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Solar Power is one of the purest and cleanest forms of energy on earth. It is the fuel for the future, as it is an unlimited resource and is not dependent on limited resources like fossil fuel to generate energy. Solar Energy is stored through the use of Solar Panels, which saves the sunlight and convert them to electrical power. Every solar panel has photovoltaic (PV) cells, which take light, or photons, and turn them into solar electricity. It’s a renewable source of energy that benefits the environment and provides a low cost, clean source of energy. Due to its benefits, it has been adopted by most of the countries globally.

You might think that using a cleaner source of energy like sunlight can also reduce the current electricity cost, which is correct. But how do you set it up at your home or office? With the increasing popularity and use of solar energy, many companies have started providing solar setups for sale that can be assembled and used. If not that, you can also buy individual solar panels and join them to create solar energy. To build a solar panel, you’ll need cells, a panel box, wires, box, and finally patience to piece it together.

First, you need to buy the solar cells. Solar cells store the energy (Sunlight) and convert them to Direct current, which is later converted to Alternate current so that it could be used as electricity at homes and offices.

Now you need to create or buy a panel box that will incase the solar cells. You can use a wooden board cut into a shape such as a square or a rectangle that can fit all the solar cells.

You would also need an inverter that will be connected through wires with the solar cells. It will convert the Direct current to Alternate current to produce electricity for home use.

Building a solar panel is a time-consuming process and requires a bit of expertise. To make one, you can either buy separate components online or offline, depending on your budget. Solar cells are manufactured in China and America. The one produced in China is cheaper and readily available. The performance is satisfactory, and they will do the job for you. However, if you prefer to buy the one manufactured in America, then they might cost you a little more. However, the quality of the product is much higher than the others and comes with a guarantee of performance.

If you do not like to but individual parts, then there are many DIY solar kits, that are available online. These kits are easy to assemble and come with a user guide for step by step instruction. These kinds of DIY kits do not produce high energy and is meant for smaller use. They are basically made out of the wooden panel, where the solar cells are placed.

Once you have connected the wires to all the solar panels carefully, you need to connect it to an inverter, to convert the energy to alternate current. For a small scale grid or to power a device using solar energy, the setup required is comparatively lower. However, if you are creating a solar panel to power your entire home, the structure will be on a big scale and will require expert help.

There are also a few things that we need to keep in mind before setting up our solar panel. The wires should be properly attached to both the solar cells and the inverter for the conversion of currency. If not correctly done, it can cause heat build-up and eventually cause a fire. Another thing we need to take care of is the wiring, and the connecting parts of the wires should be sealed with some water-proof material. If not, the moisture build-up can majorly affect the life of your solar panel. Solar panels are built to work for a long time. However, any moisture build-up will damage your solar panels.

Building a best solar panel from scratch is a complicated process and might not be as successful for the first time. In my suggestion, you should start with a small scale DIY kit for solar panels where you have to follow the instruction to construct.

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