Compelling Reasons To Build a Small Business Website

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There are enough reasons why you need to build a small business website. Nevertheless, 44 percent of small businesses are still not represented on the Internet with a company homepage. This is the result of a survey by the digital agency web4business, in which 355 American companies with up to 24 employees were interviewed.

Astonishing: More than half of the entrepreneurs without a website believe that they do not need their online presence. The remaining respondents justified their abstinence from the network because they lack the specialist knowledge to create and maintain a company website. At the same time, it is too expensive for them to entrust a professional with this task.

Another figure shows that the effort is worth it: 93 percent of the interviewed entrepreneurs with their website are satisfied with their digital presence. At the same time, however, they also see room for improvement: They state that they have problems with winning customers and opening up new sales channels for their company. Besides, many of them receive requests via the website that do not match the performance of their company.

6 Reasons To Build a Small Business Website

1. A Website Makes Customers Aware Of Your Small Business

Those who want to buy something or are looking for a service provider often search online today. Companies whose homepages are displayed on Google have better cards to attract customers. And if you don’t have a professional website, you may lose customers to the competition.

Satisfied customers can also simply send friends and acquaintances a link to the company homepage if they want to recommend the company.

2. Your Small Business Can Be Reached At Any Time By The Website

Advertising campaigns only make a company’s information and messages accessible to the general public at short notice. A website is different: once created, it can be reached at any time. For example, customers can find out around the clock when a store is open, what it offers or how best to reach it.

Customers can also get rid of feedback and questions at any time. Because, unlike by telephone, a company can always be reached by email.

3. A Website Offers A Space For Information

From company history to services to references and pictures, companies have a lot to tell. However, space is limited for advertisements, radio spots or posters. On the other hand, companies can provide all the information that is important to them on a website. Especially with products or services that require explanation, this offers the opportunity to present all the advantages of the offer in detail. This can also be done in thick glossy brochures or catalogs – but they are quickly out of date (see 5) and therefore much more expensive.

4. A Good Website Makes Your Small Business Look Modern

For many customers, a company’s website is the first point of contact with a company. If you want to make a good first impression, you should have a neat and contemporary online presence. If a company has no or a completely outdated website, the customer can be put off.

5. You Can Easily Communicate Innovations By The Website

Nothing stays the way it is in companies for long. Whether new offers, changed contacts or extended opening times, You can inform customers about such innovations via the company’s website. If the page is created with a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Contao, entrepreneurs can even make simple text changes themselves. This saves the costs of a service provider.

6. A Website Can Be Used As An Additional Sales Channel

Anyone who integrates an online shop into their website creates a completely new sales channel for their products. For example, this allows local dealers to enlarge their catchment area, they can also reach customers outside the region – or even worldwide – via the Internet.

The Internet is not the medium of the future … but the medium of the present.

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